Marketing Director Roles & Interim

Different industries require different specialists to operate efficiently. However, all industries have executive jobs and roles that are taken up by experienced personnel. Although these executive jobs, including interim executive jobs, vary from industry to industry, they have some similarities in the kind of people who may be required to take them up. What are these similarities for the Consumer, retail and leisure industries?

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Strategic thinking 

As with all other executive roles, strategic planning and decision making is part and parcel of the job. The roles require someone who can make strategic decisions, implement them and guide others during the implementation phase. Strategic thinking is important for the short and long term success of the organisation and therefore, all executives must have this capability.


While managing people could work in the short term, leadership is more effective in the longer term. Executives are not only required to set an example for the junior staff members but they are also expected to nurture the next generation of leaders. There are different types of leadership styles that these executives could take on as long as they are effective and are not detrimental to the achievement of the short and long term goals of the company.


As an executive in the leisure, retail and consumer industries, discipline is very important. Discipline to observe the company rules, to attend to different things when they ought to be attended to, to use the company resources efficiently and avoid using company resources for personal gains, the discipline to deal with employees in a consistent manner and to be a great example. Someone may argue that what is important is to get results but discipline ensures that the company culture is observed at all times.

Training Roles

As an executive, you are constantly training your employees and learning from them. Training may be carried out to instill technical know-how, soft skills such as leadership and management skills, to ensure employees understand the company culture, communication channels, the core values, mission and vision and that they are willing to apply these in their day to day activities. However, in some cases, the organisation may employ dedicated executives whose role is to ensure that constant training is performed to ensure employee skills are up to date.

Applying for Executive or Training roles

As with all other opportunities, you must first take stock of the skills you have and how you can use them in the advertised position. If you have sufficient knowledge, skills and experience to apply for the job, you need to prepare a dedicated curriculum vitae showcasing how your knowledge, skills and experience apply to the job. Preparation is important for every step of the job given the high level of competition for these jobs. Remember, selling your skills and experience is part of the process and you should ensure that you can market yourself well before you begin the application process.